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A 24-hour holiday romance began at the Statue of Liberty. A key-ring charm is a constant reminder.

For her
Ten years later Adeline returns to New York to unexpectedly find re-kindled lust and love. Chaos follows as his powerful mother barges into their lives.

A violent act causes tensions to explode at a high-profile fund-raiser. Love and marriages are threatened as secrets from long-ago have a very public climax.

Consequences of past actions became a dire turning point for one brother and caused serious implications for others in the empire.
Adeline puts much at risk when she takes a relationship to a different level.

Family ties are tested and few come through unscathed

After three horrific years, Thomas is resolved to make a new life away from his powerful family, and abandon the empire he had built through illegal dealings.
Although the past is unwilling to stay in the past, he attempts to forge a new career with a challenging girl, Divinity, at his side.
But her past is as fractured as his and has the potential to shatter his hope of love and a new life. 

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A burnt-out restaurant.

An ex crim.

An alpha billionaire,

and old mafia ties that just won’t die … until someone does,
and lives are forever changed.

Who within the empire will survive and
who will redeem their pasts?


“I loved the style of writing, I felt like I was running alongside Addie through New York. I can’t wait to see what happens next! It’s Gossip Girl meets Sex and the City.”  
Jude’s Book Life. 4/5*

Hello. I’m Brooke Ellis, Storyteller.
I’ve spent most of my life in Sydney, Australia (with an unforgettable stint in New York) before moving back to my hometown of Brisbane. Working as a chef in many a hot and steamy kitchen has provided the perfect segue into writing equally hot and steamy romance.

Telling tall tales has been the mainstay of my life, and now they’re tumbling into print. The Empire trilogy was warmly tucked up in bed with Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, but readers were unwilling to leave the family, so book 4 in the Empire Series, Redeemed Empire, will launch on October 24.

Soon to come, with a completely different cast and setting, a new book is now winding itself around my trusty laptop. 
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